AA Tri Club  Mentorship Program

The mission of this program is to connect Ann Arbor Triathlon Club (AATC) members that are looking for guidance on Triathlon topics or Club Activities with more a experienced AATC club member that is able to provide said guidance. Typically, Mentor-mentee relationships involve pairing of newer members with older members but this is not always the case; You do not have to be a new member to want a mentor! Even olympians have coaches and mentors!

Mentor-mentee relationships will ultimately be defined by the individuals involved. These relationships may initially focus around common topics such as the following:

  • Training for a first Triathlon Race

  • Making the jump from Olympic distance to Half- or Full-Triathlons

  • Utilizing club and online resources

  • Becoming more involved in the club

Mentors are volunteers; they are not expected to become personal coaches. If that level of relationship with an experienced triathlete is necessary then mentors may be able to provide recommendations on how to find a personal trainer or other club resources. It is not expected for them to assume that level of a role and its responsibilities. (They can if they want but that is up to their personal discretion).  

There are no limitations or restrictions around which club members can sign up to be mentees or which club members can make themselves available as a mentor; we all have something to teach and provide one another.

Please select the link and fill out the questionnaire located below. Further communication will be received within 10-14 business days.

Mentor - Mentee Survey

IMPORTANT - Please Note the Following:

  • The club will do its best to fill all requests but it is not guaranteed that a mentor will be available; it will be subject to many different factors that are not within the club's control.   

  • Mentor-Mentee relationships are not always matches made in heaven. It is advantageous if all parties approach this as a professional relationship. If any issues or concerns arise and you feel that you are unable to handle them in a professional and productive manner then please reach out to: Adrian Forbes <adrian@forbesoft.com>
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