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Ann Arbor Triathlon Club Rudy Helmet

Helmet:  $174.99 - 35% discount = $113.74

Tri Club Skin:  $49 - $10 discount = $39

4 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Order a black or white VOLANTIS helmet(s) from Rudy Project VIP site: (code:

annarbortri )

STEP 2: Drop ship helmet(s) directly to Birdworx (address below)

-Be sure to include c/o “your name / Ann Arbor” on the order (example below)


c/o: John Doe / Ann Arbor Tri

25014 Anza Dr. Suite A

Valencia, CA 91355

STEP 3: go here: (code: AnnArbor2019)

STEP 4: add items to cart and follow the checkout procedure

Rudy Helmet questions:  Reba at

Birdworx Skin questions: Matt Easter at

Other basic questions:  Bonnie at

Kit Store - 2019 - Open Until April 8th, 2019


Swag Apparel Store - Clothing, Bags, Towels, etc.


Club Hat Store

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  • Pick up at Club Workouts
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