Thursday Evening Bricks 

Thursdays May Through August

Brick workouts are a key component to every triathletes training schedule, and to no surprise the Thursday evening bricks are the staple workout of the club. We’ll meet every week, unless it’s raining, in which case, you can ride at your own risk. Here’s the info:

When: Thursday evenings at 5:50pm (See Below)
Location: Forsythe School (See Maps Below)
Distance: Bike route is 20 miles, & there are 3 run routes available.

The Thursday Evening Brick workouts are structured to cater to varying abilities within the triathlon club. A phased start is used for the Brick workouts. This phased start is designed to allow the newer riders to have a head start, and ride at their own pace. The most experienced riders will be in Group 4. This also allows the group to finish the bike ride around the same time, so that folks can begin the run together. Here's how it works:

  • Group 1: Bike start at 5:45pm (<14 mph NO DROP)
  • Group 2: Bike start at 5:50PM (16 mph and under average pace)
  • Group 3: Bike start at 6:00PM (19 mph and under average pace)
  • Group 4: Bike start at 6:05PM (19 - 21 mph average pace)
  • Group 5: Bike start at 6:10PM (21 + mph average pace)

Workout nutrition provided by Infinit Nutrtion.

Muffins are available for a quick recovery snack provided by Afternoon Delight.


Parking at Forsythe / Wines Schools

The satellite image below shows the Forsythe Middle School Parking.  

Bike Route 20 Miles

Run Route 2 Mile

Run Route 4 Mile

Run Route 6 Mile

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